Ritu has been loving art and craft for as long as she remembers it. She is among those blessed ones who have a flair for multiple forms of art in both width and depth of it. Beginning from being a Post Graduate in Classical Music, a classical Violinist, a Painter, a Wheel Potter, Hand Building Potter, a Jewellery Designer, a Mural artist, a Sculptor, a Ceramic artist- Ritu has all that takes for someone to be an aesthete. Her love for art and craft brought her to this beautiful lap in life where she decided to unleash her skills and opened this studio of her dreams. The Mud Effects Pottery Studio is a place where she loves to spend all her time. The time stops the moment she enters the Studio.

Pottery is a form of art that demands a lot of patience and planning. The final shape of a masterpiece depends on what playing around on the mind of the Potter and rest is taken care by the expert hands. Ritu has tried multiple shapes, sizes and variety of pottery be it through Hand-Building or on the Wheel itself. Her art forms can be seen in the Gallery section of our website. Ritu is very serious when it comes to Pottery. A dedicated person who either like to make it perfect or not do it at all. Ritu, has a rare combination of passion, art and perfection. When she teaches she expects this domino effect to in all her students and that is why they look upto her as a dedicated Potter who teaches then all the nitty-gritty of Pottery. Before you take up any course or workshop at Mud Effects, it is worth taking out time to read the reviews her students have written about her work, teaching and the Studio. She says, if you want to learn Pottery and Clay all you need is excitement about Pottery, a calm ambience and a teacher who really wants to teach without holding back any of her valuable experiences over years. No doubt, Ritu is the Star of Mud Effects and having a Studio will make no sense without her expertise being cascaded to the students. You can get in touch with Ritu directly on info@mudeffects.com or call or whatsapp her on +91-7259808800