About Us

cropped-single-logo3.gifRitu has been the force behind Mud Effects. From being a Violinist to a Potter is quite an unusual journey. But this really isn’t unusual for Ritu even a bit. She knew through these years that she was slowly falling in love with Pottery & Clay.  For her it is no different than soothing sounds of a Classical Violin- a form of art that enters from ears and touches your heart.

For her, it is something even more. Clay & Pottery touches your heart, soul and mind. You can feel the touch of cold clay and it touches your heart,  you can smell the Petrichor of wet clay and it touches your mind, you can relish the beauty through your eyes and it touches your soul. That is why she has dedicated herself to this beautiful and simple thing made by God- The Mud

But she never thought that one day her inclination will become her love, love will become passion and this passion will become a business with a big brand. A Brand that is so much inviting, brand that is for all ages, a brand that stands for simplicity and pleasure. A Brand that is down to earth- afterall it deals with Mud- the most inexpensive material available on earth yet so much precious for obvious reasons.

Ritu founded Mud Effects Brand in year 2012. It all started with making her signature exclusive Terracotta Jewellery  designs.  Each piece was handcrafted by her, painted by her and more than anything else the appreciatoin was the reward. Thanks to all those art lovers who motivated her to do more of Clay and Craft, and here she is today to spread the happiness that one gets out of clay, to create value from mud for everyone who comes to the Studio, to spread the word that we all are made of this precious element called Mud. Let us feel ourselves with our own hands. It is a great experience!