Through the journey of learning an art, the first lesson to be learnt has to be ‘Patience’. If not, what you’ll learn will not be art

Ritu, Founder & Potter at Mud Effects Pottery Studio is the force that keeps the creativity, liveliness and the blissfulness alive at the Studio. Her attachment to art of all forms makes her a versatile potter. Pottery & fine art being on top, she loves painting, playing classical violin, singing, sketching, cooking and traveling. She says that all forms of art are different but they are knit together in one string and that string is the urge to think and create something better everyday.

Her students & fellow potters say that she is a person with extreme level of patience and that’s what makes her a perfect artist and a teacher too. However she believes that this is her natural way of working and she never realized it until she started getting similar compliments from many who got in touch with her. The Google reviews are flooded with the words like patience, calm, simple etc.

Let’s hear what she has to say?

Ritu, says that patience plays a big role in learning the art of pottery and the strange part is that you can still never reach a stage where you can say that you have become a perfect potter. The beauty of this art is that it never lets you rest. On one side it is a type of meditation that gives you a lot of inner peace at the same time it gives you the restlessness of doing more and being more and more creative everyday. Though, this restlessness only gives you happiness and a sense of being alive. I personally feel that a day I haven’t worked with clay is a day wasted. 

To cut if short, I invite all the aspiring potters to personally visit the studio and experience what I just said above. You can also enjoy the serenity & peace while you unleash the world of creativity though  pottery & clay art. 

At the end, all I want to say is that If you want to make a splash, you will have to take a plunge. Go ahead and meet me at the Studio!

Cheers and L0ve

Founder’s Desk