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  • Dhanya C.B Avatar
    Dhanya C.B

    I have attended a class here on terracotta jewellery making this February 2018.I must say, this is an awesome place... read more - 11 Jun 2018

    Vinaya Nair Avatar
    Vinaya Nair

    Hands on fun for kids, very interesting. There were many cute models to choose from. I accompanied my 8 years... read more - 11 Jun 2019

    Ren Avatar

    It was a good experience, and I had a go to try at being creative . Pottering with ... read more - 27 Feb 2021

  • anu bhat Avatar
    anu bhat

    An amazing place to be for sure.. I for one was thrilled to find this cute little, one stop place... read more - 16 Oct 2020

    Shivangi Shukla Avatar
    Shivangi Shukla

    Ritu as an instructor is very cooperative, provide proper individual guidance, value for money.As well assure that student is satisfied... read more - 11 Jun 2019

    Priyanka Avhad Avatar
    Priyanka Avhad

    Perfect place for a pottery workshop. If you're not sure pottery and clay is for you then give it a... read more - 11 Jun 2020

  • Melanie Dsouza Avatar
    Melanie Dsouza

    Fantastic vibe, super chill and easy way to spend your weekend learning something new and affordable pricing of pottery classes.... read more - 08 Feb 2021

    N N Avatar
    N N

    Excellent place to learn creativity using simple clay.The instructor has great teaching skills and with a smile.The studio interiors is... read more - 11 Jun 2018

    Ritika Raj Avatar
    Ritika Raj

    My husband and I enrolled ourselves in a class at Mud effects a few days ago to try our hand... read more - 11 Jun 2020

  • Sajesh TK Avatar
    Sajesh TK

    Great place to have a fun time with your kid. The instructor was very friendly and got the whole family... read more - 11 Jun 2019

    Akansha Shively Avatar
    Akansha Shively

    A lovely studio with a very talented and patient instructor . She will let you learn at your own pace... read more - 11 Jun 2019

    kapil kale Avatar
    kapil kale

    Excelente acogida Joyas preciosas Excellent first class jewels shopGreat service Good help to choose - 11 Jun 2018

  • Ankita Dhavale Avatar
    Ankita Dhavale

    We went to this place to learn something new and spend quality time. It turned up to be a good... read more - 11 Jun 2019

    Shubhrika Avatar

    Highly recommended. The tutor is very passionate and talented. She lets you learn at your pace. its quite relaxing and... read more - 11 Jun 2019

    Tarun Jadham Avatar
    Tarun Jadham

    Great Experience playing with mud. The most favourite part of childhood whuch we lack now a days. - 11 Jun 2018

  • Senthil Kumar Avatar
    Senthil Kumar

    Very good - 11 Jun 2020

    Ratnajeeth Kumbhar Avatar
    Ratnajeeth Kumbhar

    A fantastic experience of learning pottery and sharpening clay work skills. Step by step process explained, techniques taught to everyone... read more - 11 Jun 2020

    Praz Avatar

    Small but good entertaining place located in 3rd floor @Whitefield main. - 11 Jun 2019

  • Namrata Bhat Avatar
    Namrata Bhat

    We had Ritu over to our office for a Corporate workshop in pottery for the women’s network and the event... read more - 11 Jun 2019

    Nidhi Sinha Avatar
    Nidhi Sinha

    Had a great time working with clay for the first time! Ritu is very patient and teaches very methodically. The... read more - 11 Jun 2019

    Sudheer Dhurjati Avatar
    Sudheer Dhurjati

    My kids loved it. The 90 min session was full fun and great value for money. Ms Ritu is very... read more - 11 Jun 2018

  • Hiral Amodia Avatar
    Hiral Amodia

    WHAT THEHEEBEE SAYS ABOUT MUD EFFECTS POTTERY STUDIOWe had visited Mud Effects Pottery studio few months back. Our visit was... read more - 11 Jun 2020

    Puja Kulkarni Avatar
    Puja Kulkarni

    I have been passionate about pursuing a hobby and with some thought, I decided to learn pottery. A beginner, with... read more - 11 Jun 2019

    Chikki Singh Avatar
    Chikki Singh

    I have been visiting to Ritu for the pottery lessons, not only she is an expert of her craft but... read more - 11 Aug 2020

  • Rupa Mirji Avatar
    Rupa Mirji

    I did a basic wheel course at Mudeffects. My experience was good. I was slow in picking up the wheel... read more - 11 Jun 2020

    Andrea Fernandes Avatar
    Andrea Fernandes

    Very interactive and relaxing session , brings back childhood memories playing with mud. - 11 Jun 2019

    devika swaminathan Avatar
    devika swaminathan

    Good ambiance.... very calm and peaceful... Ritu adds on good music to relax.. she is very polite and... read more - 11 Jun 2019

  • Adarsh Mane Avatar
    Adarsh Mane

    Amazing place and the instructor, Ritu, was super helpful and talented! Would visit again 😁 - 11 Jun 2019

    Viaks Kale Avatar
    Viaks Kale

    I joined hand building workshop at Mud Effects. The instructor has a deep knowledge of the subject. Very interesting articles... read more - 11 Jun 2018

    Zara’s Chronicles Avatar
    Zara’s Chronicles

    We had an amazing time at Ritu’s pottery workshop . She’s patient , friendly and ever so passionate about what... read more - 11 Jun 2019

  • Sunhitha Velamala Avatar
    Sunhitha Velamala

    Had so much fun working with mud 🧡 calm, peaceful and really was able to relax under Miss Ritu's guidance! - 11 Jun 2020

    Sureshnair 1001 Avatar
    Sureshnair 1001

    Very happy atmosphere with fabulous presentation. Should see and must buy....All the bestSuresh - 11 Jun 2020

    pravalika bhoga Avatar
    pravalika bhoga

    Very nice place...I loved working with mud - 11 Jun 2020

  • Somnath Chakravarty Avatar
    Somnath Chakravarty

    It was a great start to learning pottery. The studio is nice and cozy equipped with all you need to... read more - 29 Jun 2020

    Anjali Nair Avatar
    Anjali Nair

    My husband and I decided to spend my birthday doing a one day workshop with Ritu at her studio and... read more - 11 Jun 2020

    Somnath Chakravarty Avatar
    Somnath Chakravarty

    It was a great start to learning pottery. The studio is nice and cozy equipped with all you need to... read more - 11 Jul 2020

  • Naveen Avatar

    Took my wife for a Ganesha idol making. Totally enjoyed the workshop. Really experienced and friendly instructor. Highly recommended. - 11 Jun 2020

    Amardeep Verma Avatar
    Amardeep Verma

    Nice place for learning pottery and other crafts. - 11 Jun 2019

    Ankush Dembla Avatar
    Ankush Dembla

    It's a perfect Pottery studio. My Daughter and I went over the weekend and we just loved it. Ms. Ritu... read more - 11 Jun 2018

  • Subrahmanyam Vempati Avatar
    Subrahmanyam Vempati

    They are teaching pottery to all age groups. I find the teacher is equally involved with the effort along with... read more - 11 Jun 2020

    Nimsha S Avatar
    Nimsha S

    Mud Effects Pottery studio - A great place to start of with if you are interested in the pottery hobby,... read more - 24 Jan 2021

    Akshay Barodia Avatar
    Akshay Barodia

    Very nice place to show creativity. - 11 Jun 2019

  • Shreya Agrawal Avatar
    Shreya Agrawal

    The studio is beautiful. If you are serious about pottery or just want to give it a try, this is... read more - 11 Jun 2020

    Jyotsna Sivakumar Avatar
    Jyotsna Sivakumar

    My husband and I attended a clay modelling workshop last weekend and we really enjoyed it. Ritu explained pinch pot... read more - 11 Jun 2019

    Azniv Godiyal Avatar
    Azniv Godiyal

    We celebrated my son's 15th birthday with clay modelling fun at Mud Effects was a wonderful experience .... read more - 11 Jun 2018

  • K s Avatar
    K s

    The vibe of place is so calming. Surrounded with trees and terracotta decor, it is just therapeutic. There are different... read more - 11 Aug 2020

    Jayashree J Avatar
    Jayashree J

    If you are stressed or depressed, this is one place you can visit. It will help keep you calm and... read more - 11 Jun 2019

    Ravi Waghe Avatar
    Ravi Waghe

    Had an engaging and relaxing time at the Studio. The place is on the rooftop floor and open to air... read more - 11 Jun 2019